Week 7: Mirrors

Family, Friends, and Fans,

I love opening my inbox and see all these e-mails coming from all of you. Your support is what keeps me going in doing the Lord’s work. Missionary work is not easy. There is no work that is easy. But you will learn to enjoy it. I am still learning to enjoy it.

The package arrived too early for me. Yay! On Tuesday, President and Sister Mangum went down to Lucena for a baptism interview and I just asked them to bring the package with them when they get here. Tita Cleo, your peanut is the best. Sometimes I just don’t want to eat it because it’s just so precious and rare. You’re the best. Lola, thank you for the dried mangos: my fellow missionaries loved them! Thanks also for the pocket money, thanks to you too, Mom.

We also have a mission nurse now and we really get along because nursing! I miss school so much. I also miss my college friends and classmate. I’ll be back soon. She came just in time because I think I tore or strained something in my heel. Basically I limp when I walk because my heel hurts so bad. She’s trying to help me on what to do about it. But don’t worry! I’m gonna be fine.

My weekly e-mail may be short for now because I have made amendments with my disobedient trainer companion. That means starting now we only get to e-mail for an hour. No more 5 hours of e-mailing. That also means I have to start organizing my thoughts on Sunday night so I won’t take time thinking what to write to all of you.IMG_1524
On Thursday I had my trainee’s check-up! I get to meet my batchmates again from the MTC. They’re just the best. They always remind me of the happy days in the MTC. We’re the best looking missionaries ever. Elder Bongomin (African) isn’t in the picture. Classic.

The next day we went to visit the Abril family. They’re a family who’s gone like less active, but their son is serving a mission in Urdaneta. I love them already because they remind me of you, Mom. She was literally blaming the church and the leaders for influencing his son to go on a mission. Apparently Elder Abril turned down a huge job offer and went to his mission. His parents were furious. Just like you mom and dad. Haha. But I love them because they still support him. They salute their son for making such a courageous effort to invite others to come unto Christ. They support us missionaries because we remind him of his son, serving God for the same purpose.

Now I want to talk about the missionaries serving in our wards! We missionaries need support from the church members. We are so much thankful when you feel us the love that can only be found from home. When Mom told me that Elder Lina reminds her of me, I’m so happy because somehow, with the distance, mom remembers me through the missionaries in our ward.
So I pray that everybody will support our missionaries! Feed us, make us feel at home, and mostly work with us. We are always willing to help you do your missionary work. We will help you get over that fear. We are all missionaries.
For whatever you do unto the missionaries, you do unto me. And whatever you do unto me, you do unto Jesus Christ. Amen.

Elder Poblete
Philippines San Pablo Mission


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