Week 8: Eternal Round

Family, Friends, and Fans,

Firstly, congratulations to Neil for getting his mission call to my mission: SAN PABLO! This is so amazing. We could be companions or I could be your trainer. Mom, I miss you so much. Sometimes I lay awake in my bed late at night thinking of running away from this apartment, but I have to think of the blessings I will harvest for myself and for my family when I finish this mission. I miss home.


Another good news: I just had my first baptisms! However I did not baptize them but it still feels good as I witness them enter the pools of baptism and be immersed in the grace of Jesus Christ. I pray there will still be more baptisms to come.


Mission life could get hazy sometimes. Ambiguous thoughts. Not knowing where to go. Crossroads interrupt my journey. Blank minds in an investigator’s home. Letting time pass by. Letting days pass by. Letting weeks pass by. Conflicts. Hearts turned away from the missionary work for a while. I’m halfway through my mission and I still haven’t learned that much. And I open my grandma’s mission journal from 20 years ago, and be inspired, and remember the words my grandfather had said to me before he passed away. The words to be a hardworking missionary like them. This is a legacy to be continued.


But I think of being one with nature. I was made by God. I was made not have endings, only temporary pauses. As mountains stand still, so shall be my desire to build the kingdom of God here on Earth. (Picture of Mt. Banahaw)

I miss you all so much. Please continue to sending me e-mails and letters as much as possible.
Elder Poblete
Philippines San Pablo Mission

PS: Rais, e-mail me back if you received this e-mail. I really need to hear from you. : )

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