Week 12: I’m A Little Drunk and I Need You Now

Family, Friends, Fans, and Fellow Servants,

How are you? Fear not, I come in peace. I think it’s amazing that I got a lot of e-mails this week. Thank you! Your love continues to support me in this missionary work.

How did Halloween 2014 go?! I’m so sad I didn’t get to attend college Halloween parties. Man, I miss those! To my college friends, I hope you enjoyed the parties without me! Hate you forever.

On the 28th of October we had Elder Lynn G. Robbins from the Presidency of the Seventy visit us together with his wife, along with Elder Tobias, an Area Seventy, and his wife. What was funny was that we actually came too early in San Pablo because we thought we would be late due to the traffic. But we were wrong!

So we stayed in the chapel for like 2 more hours. I was playing prelude music in the Sacrament Hall. When I went out, this happened.


Influx of missionaries! I think every missionary can relate. You know how we just swarm in a hall talking about our mission experiences? Crazy!

After the conference, Elder Robbins wanted to take a picture with all of us. So hundreds of missionaries just flocked to the back of the meetinghouse and it was crazy!


We wouldn’t fit in the picture, so they did this.


President drove the car to the bottom where they would get a good view for the picture.

I love missionary conferences. I think they’re very interesting. It’s literally like a royal army, like the hymn we sing “Behold! A Royal Army”.

I am so much grateful to be here in the mission field. I learn a lot in here. Lessons I will surely treasure for the rest of my life. I’m sober now.
Elder Poblete
Philippines San Pablo Mission

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