Week 21: Love One Another, Old Ship Zion

Family, Friends, Fans, and Fellow Servants,

Happy New Year everyone!

I hope everyone had a great new year! I already miss celebrating the New Year with you. This kind of celebrations away from home is difficult. I slept through the night while my fellow missionary housemates went out to see the fireworks and enjoyed firecrackers. Oops!

This new year marks the beginning of another cycle in the mission. As usual, I’m with my 4th companion already. My 4th cycle, my 4th companion. Pretty unusual. Nobody loves me enough to stay longer with me for more than 6 weeks! I’m also confident that I’ll be transferred in February, which could mean another companion is on the way. I’m done with this already! Give me somebody who could stay with me for more than a cycle. What does this mean, President?!

I’m not revealing any resolutions yet! I haven’t picked up myself from where I left off last year. I need to evaluate how I did last year before I list my new year resolves.

At the final night of His ministry in mortality, Jesus commanded his disciples a new commandment: for us to love one another. I hope we continue to love one another as we spend another new year as fellow disciples of Jesus Christ! Let us strive to be obedient to His commandments. I promise you that as we do so great blessings will be available for us.

I love you.

Elder Poblete

PS: Sorry this weekly letter is kinda rushed! I’ll do better next Monday. See ya!


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