Week 24: 18 months left (I think)!

My beloved family, friends, and fellow servants,

18 months left huh! Three quarters left and then I’m done! But not quite trunky yet. Right now I feel blank within because I felt nothing has really happened in my mission. Perhaps I set the bar too high for myself, or I still feel discontented of my progress. Nevertheless, I feel the joy of missionary work within my veins, and I am eternally grateful that our Father in Heaven has entrusted me of this great and sacred duty.
 How is everybody?
Mom! I have never heard from you. How are you doing? Is recovery doing well for you? How is papa? Is he enjoying his new workplace? What about Eric? Things have changed a lot since I left home for my mission. I find myself thinking how things would be if I had not left home. I would be there at your side when your health seemed to be failing; I could have helped Eric with his studies; I could have provided support for papa when situations were difficult for him.
But what a great sacrifice a mission ought to be? In my recent zone interview with President, he said something that struck my heart: “The Lord will recompense and reimburse you for your great efforts here in the mission field.” Such great promise brings me comfort in these trying times.
Same promise I give unto you, my families and friends. The Lord will recompense and reimburse you for whatever you are going through right now.
I love all of you. Please continue to send me good news. I truly love all of you. I wish I could be with all of you right now, and verbally express my appreciation and gratitude for you.
See you in 18 months.
May our Father in Heaven and His heavenly blessings attend you in your daily endeavor.
Elder Poblete
Philippines San Pablo Mission

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