Week 28: Stop It!

My beloved family, friends, and fellow servants,

Sometimes I think of not e-mailing my family and friends anymore because YOU DON’T E-MAIL ME BACK! The reason why I always look forward to e-mailing on Mondays is because I can’t wait to hear news from home. And yet when I open my e-mail on Mondays like today I get nothing, and it’s very disappointing. Stop it!

Every Sunday night I whack my brains out from thinking what should I tell you for my weekly e-mail. I toss and turn, place my chin on my hand, and think how I should go with my letter. It’s so hard!

The only thing I ask from all of you is to send me good news from home. News that will uplift and inspire me in my mission. News that will make excited for the date of my departure from the mission. News that will inform me of the progress in my home ward. News that finally something good has been happening in my family. Please send me those kind of news.

And don’t worry. I’m not mad.

I had a great week huh! All of my investigators came to church. Yes! A lot of miracles, and all because of diligence and obedience to the Lord’s commandments and mission rules.

One of my investigators who I want to talk about in my mission is Jimmy. We met him, no, actually he met us, while he was doing pamasada. He stopped by us and asked for a copy of The Book of Mormon. We were not bringing one, so I gave him a pamphlet instead. Then we started teaching him, and throughout the lessons he was reluctant and scared to get baptized. But on Saturday we taught him about the Plan of Salvation, and he said he really wanted to change and got the Celestial Kingdom, so yep, he said he will prepare himself for baptism! March 21st!

At the beginning of my mission one of the things that I find hard is extending the baptismal invitation to people. But think of it—out of all the billions of 19 year olds in the whole wide world, I have the only authority to help them a choice to qualify for eternal life.

Everything is doing great here! So don’t try to ruin my fun by not replying to my e-mails.

Elder Poblete

Philippines San Pablo Mission


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