Week 29: 50 Shades of Changes

My beloved family, friends, and fellow servants,

So it turns out my admonition in my previous weekly letter has been proven effective! You don’t have to make me feel sorry for doing that. That was totally my plan. I understand your circumstances wherein your lives and the world will still go on without me. Probably one of the highlights in your e-mails is Mary Rose excusing herself from being busy due to prenatal check-ups! Can’t wait for that baby!
Mom, Sister Cleo, and friends—I already received my late Christmas package. Mom, thanks for all the shirts, but you selected the wrong ones! I wanted my grey and blue shirts. And you missed to include some items I listed months earlier. I love you! Sister Cleo, your peanut butter has always been the best; I’m literally not sharing this with other missionaries in our apartment. CDU/USC friends, where is that care package you were talking about?!
Jimmy, our investigator, went to church for the second time today! I could totally see how Jimmy is progressing. He’s showing to our Heavenly Father that he’s truly repentant by coming to church and keeping his commitments. However he feels sad because his family didn’t go with him. We’re being positive that he will get baptized on the 21st of March and will need our mission president to interview him for his baptism. He’s been involved in serious crimes like pushing drugs and other else. But he’s repentant. And I’ve never seen such person who is truly repentant and willing to forsake all of his sins in order to bring his family back together and eventually live the gospel principles.
Miracles indeed happen in the mission, only when you let your eyes of faith see them.
How I’ve been feeling towards my own personal progress in my 6 months here in my mission has been different. Perspectives are being changed; nature is being reformed. Soon it will be May 2, my birthday. Older, perhaps not wiser. And I sit back and ask myself, what has happened in my life? Change is difficult, and often we deem it as something not worth welcoming with open arms. But change has to be painful. Just as a diamond becomes shinier due to friction in the ground, so does a person become changed and humbled in his heart and mind when challenges and trials arise. These are things as they really are.
See you in 18 months!
Elder Poblete
Philippines San Pablo Mission

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