Week 33: Social Services

My beloved family, friends, and fellow servants,

Last week I mentioned about every missionary having this things-that-must-happen-in-your-mission list, and I declared that I have ticked off most of the items. The day after I arrived in Calamba safely, I faced a problem on my current balance of my mission support. I left Tanauan City on Thursday with only 250 pesos in hand, and the transportation cost tolled me at least 80 pesos. That leaves approximately 100 pesos for me to spend until Tuesday. Yes, 100 pesos. Obviously, after much chastisement, I called the office and asked for emergency money, to which I owe my survival at the present time. To go on with that list, I will probably break or strain my leg next week. Keep watch!
So the only new thing is that I am transferred and currently serving in Calamba 3rd Branch. I think I have to inform you that we have the best house in the mission. It’s in a subdivision, and is cozy and clean, and it almost feels like a summer house. The house is located in really nice subdivision, but it’s 1 hour away from our proselytizing area. Our area is the housing project of the government for people relocating from the riles and squatters area, and I hope you can imagine how “community”-ish the housings really are. I hope to send you pictures nextweek.
I was told beforehand that I would be serving in a newly opened branch, but no one told me it is a little branch whose meetinghouse is the residence of the branch president. Everything is so new to me! Last week I was serving in this huge ward; and now I get to serve in this tiny, humble branch which is full of service opportunities to offer to full-time missionaries. But the most important thing is that I quickly felt the Spirit when I met with the members of the branch. I can see in their eyes that they are willing to serve and love one to another. When I learned from my new companion, Elder Maglasang, that we would need to teach in various quorum and youth classes, I felt my heart burn because of the opportunities to serve, even more fully. The leadership organization is not fully staffed, and thus the search for who needs to be who immediately began. On my first Sunday together with them, I helped the branch president with his Family History, and soon we will help the whole branch get started with their Family History. We also have plans to set up the branch choir. Everything is burning here.
I encourage everybody to continue to visit my website elderpoblete.wordpress.com. Send me letters. For the easy system, send it through dearelder.com. My birthday is soon approaching. Get that package ready. I love you all. I truly do. Bless you.
Elder Poblete
Philippines San Pablo Mission

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