Week 38: Skyping from Africa

I lost count and sequence of my weekly letters. This letter is week 38.

Dear family, friends, and fellow servants,

I entitled this weekly letter “Skyping from Africa” because it’s literally Africa in here. It’s crazy hot! I think we reached 40 degrees Celsius some time last week. It’s so hot I think the soles of my shoes are burning. I definitely need to get an umbrella.
Anyways, thanks for the birthday greetings! It’s crazy. I’m 20 now, though I’d like to think I just turned 12. Thanks to my college friends for extending your birthday wishes, no matter how far (I love you to the moon and back.) I miss all of you so much, and seeing that next month will be the beginning of another school year, I am tempted to defer my mission and just finish college instead. It’s crazy! I love all of you. I am so old. I feel like I’m hitting the retirement age. Again, I feel so old. Crazy club 20s. I’m missing out so much on college stuff. But that’s okay, we will catch up on that some day.
Mom, thanks for taking thought of sending me a birthday package. But please don’t call me without my mission president’s permission. It’sbawal! We have to follow the mission rules, and that includes missionary parents and ward members too. I love you! And I hope they won’t lose the package; I think my landlord will take of it. This is my first birthday without my parents. It’s strange. When I woke up on my birthday morning I felt groggy and not wanting to get up because I’m so tired and old.
In spite of the hot weather, the work is good! My companion is getting transferred to Mindoro on Thursday, and obviously I’ll have another companion again. His name is Elder Garcia! It’s crazy because I’ve already been with an Elder Garcia way back in Lucena last year. I’ve never heard of him or seen him yet but I hope we’ll have a good cycle together.
Skype season is coming! I will be available on Skype on Monday, May 11th around 1 PM. My username is omgpaolo. Mom, I want lola to be in the Skype too.
Elder Poblete
Philippines San Pablo Mission

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