Week 41: Sunburned (Winter Dreams)

My family, friends, and fellow servants,

Painful week. I got sunburned. My back hurts, and it stings!
Mom and family, I already received my birthday package this week. Thank you, I love you! You are most thoughtful for sending me trail mix—they are the best, and I think I might need a year supply of trail mix. Your trail mix only lasted for 2 days.
Last week I told you about my new calling as a district leader. On Wednesday I held my first district meeting ever, and my mission president and his wife were attending. I died mentally. I was helping the district of 8 missionaries set goals for the areas and helping them make the area progress, but I was nervous and shaky, and most of all I couldn’t deal with statistics and numbers! Crazy!
But the good thing is that I conducted my first district interviews as well! I enjoyed it. I enjoyed the guidance of the Spirit as I discerned the needs and concerns of my fellow missionaries. It’s ironic because I am the one who needs counsel and comfort, yet I sat in that chair giving counsel and instructions to these more experienced missionaries. Life is indeed ironic.
I shall again talk about the weather. It’s hot. Scorching hot. I tried to apply sunscreen, but it burned me even further. And my nylon mesh garments makes it worse even more.
This is how my area would look like, if only it snows here in Luzon.


Another picture I would like to share. This is something I’d like to do with my stubborn companions if they prefer to drop dead asleep instead of planning despite of everythang! Just inspirational.
unnamed (1)

Missionaries street contacting in Italy. Something I am really bad at! Can you imagine how better my pictures would be if we missionaries are allowed to use Instagram?
unnamed (2)

I can only wish for a cold weather!
Elder Poblete
Philippines San Pablo Mission

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