Week 43: Abyss, Wallflower

My family, friends, and fellow servants,

I am writing this e-mail in Los Baños! We just finished preparation day games and are now in the internet shop.
Lately I’ve been busy with district affairs. I decided to move the district chapel from Calamba to Los Baños, and that’s because the Calamba chapel is not air conditioned! It’s summer, you know? Also I’ve been busy with conducting exchanges with the other elders in my district to facilitate in their training.
The branch is doing just good. I am helping the Primary direct their Primary Road Show Activity in August, which could get pretty annoying because I don’t like kids. On Saturday I gave a workshop on to the Relief Society sisters on how to conduct music. (Unfortunately, as I have told you before, the meetinghouse wherein we worship has no piano available!)
It is currently raining here in Los Baños. I think the rainy season has started down here, but not up there in my area in Kay-anlog. It’s still hell in there! I hope the weather starts to cool down soon.
Many of you have expressed sentiments to me! Don’t worry. I’ll be fine.
I love you. I can’t wait to see you soon….
Elder Poblete
Philippines San Pablo Mission

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