Week 44: On My Way

Dear family, friends, and fellow servants,

I just got back from Manila after a visit with Elder Garrett at the Missionary Recovery Center. I spent a good deal of time sitting with Elder Garrett helping me with my depression. Yes, I think some of you may have noticed how low key I had feeling these past few weeks. My mission president is helping me with it and it was so Christian of him to drive me to Manila to get me checked up. Then he treated us to lunch at Kenny Roggers, so that’s a plus.

It’s funny how much I missed Manila! And it was unwinding to be traveling in a car again amidst the skyscrapers. I saw giant billboards and even found out that Backstreet Boys will be touring here soon. I started seeing taxis again. And I even saw brands which I’d never seen again since I left for my mission.

I should tell you not to worry about me. As this weekly letter’s title says, I’m on my way. I do not know where, but I know the Lord is trying to lead me somewhere better for me. It’s a day by day approach I’m talking about here.

Thank you for your love and support. I promise I will write you a better and lengthy letter next week.DSCN1281
Elder Poblete
Philippines San Pablo Mission

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