Week 45: Sleep is Part of Healing, Please Observe Silence

Dear family, friends, and fans,

Perhaps the most challenging part about being a district leader is that you have to write on the missionaries in your district in your weekly letter and district report to your mission president. I just finished writing it, and I have already exceeding the allotted time for e-mail usage. But I think that’s fine.
On a kind of similar note, the Lord has found it expedient that He adds 2 more missionaries in my district. I think I can tell that the some missions (if not most) are currently experiencing missionary shortage. Perhaps that’s why they have dissolved a district in my zone and thus there are now only 2 districts, where I’m leading District 2 while Elder Molesworth, a great missionary friend who is in my batch, is leading District 1. In that spirit I am amazed how far we have come. We are already 10 months in! 14 more months na lang!
Another challenge is that most sister missionaries get sick really often, and by the word often I mean that I have to travel for an hour to Los Baños to give a priesthood blessing. But I can’t complain. I love my fellow missionaries, and it’s a great opportunity to give priesthood blessings to my friends.
Mom, you need to send me another package. If you want to send a package to your missionary son, then the kindest thing you can do is send a big package, and include the items I want you to put in the box. I’ll write you a different e-mail for this. Also, please include cash.
I love you all. I love the Lord! I can’t wait to see you soon.
Elder Poblete
Philippines San Pablo Mission

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