Week 47: It Hasn’t Stopped Raining Yet

Dear family, friends, and fans,

Do you remember when I complained about how hot the weather is up here in Calamba? Well, I think rainy season has officially begun. It started raining on Sunday morning and even today it hasn’t stopped raining yet. That only means one thing: boots for missionaries!
I’ve said this many times before, but I love it when it rains. Most people would complain, but I disagree! Rain is just the most beautiful thing. I grew up loving the rain. And I remember sitting at home in the sofa while watching the pouring rain outside.
Speaking of rain and water, we finally baptized Althea this Saturday. My companion did the ordinance and I confirmed her at church the day after. It felt great. Who knew I would be able to find, teach, and baptize in one cycle? My ego is officially inflated.
On Wednesday, we had the zone interviews. I sat again with my mission president and he interviewed me. We talked about basic missionary stuff and he was following up on that “special zone training meeting” we had 3 weeks ago. It’s crazy. Among other things he said, he told me how there’s “a pretty good chance” that I will be transferred next cycle. Actually I’m not sure yet whether it’s me or my companion, but I really think it’s me. I’ve been here in the area for 5 months and I think I’ve done enough work here.
Fatima, sorry but I think I’ll just post the letter next week, if not in the next two weeks. I’ve been busy and I just can’t find time to travel to the city and deliver the letters through LBC. But you’ll get it eventually! Tell them CDU friends to e-mail me because I’ll be coming home in a year!
The weird thing about being a missionary is that time flies so insanely fast. I hit my 11th month this July, and will hit my 1-year mark next month August! One more year to go, haha. It’s so fast; I want to vomit. I want to do something special at my anniversary for me and especially for you. Keep up to date!
Please continue to support me. I see that you’ve begun in not sending me e-mails again. And that makes me sad. And sadness makes a good mix with the rain.
I love you all. I want to hear from all of you soon.
Elder Poblete
Philippines San Pablo Mission
PS: Mom, thank you for sending cash. But I have additional thing to ask you. It’s in the other e-mail and I hope you read it.

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