Week 48: 75 Minutes Only

Dear family and friends,

How is everyone doing? Last week went really, really slow for me. I had exchanges on Tuesday, Mission Tour with Elder Ardern in Lipa on Wednesday, regular work day on Thursday, exchanges with the zone leaders on Friday, 2 baptismal interviews in Los Baños on Saturday, and then church and 4 baptismal interviews in Cabuyao on Sunday. Talk about traveling, and the money spent on it!
The rain has finally slowed down a little! It literally didn’t stop raining for a whole week, and it seems like it’s gonna shower a bit tonight. At the mission tour Elder and Sister Ardern was wet and it just kept pouring heavily throughout the meeting. The sacrament room was air conditioned and it was crazy cold in it. After lunch Elder Ardern asked the staff to turn off the AC because everybody was freezing. First world probs.
I think I’m no longer emotionally or mentally exhausted, just physically. I suggest to all those who are currently prepping to go on a mission to prepare themselves physically, because the demands of the work will really catch up with you. I’m not really sure whether I’m losing weight or gaining pounds in this area, but I’ve had some missionaries tell me at the mission tour that I appear to have shed some weight. It’s just crazy haha. Some days it feels like my shirt is just too tight, but some day it feels like it’s too loose for me.
We are already in the middle of July and in a month I will turn 1 year! I’m halfway through the show! Time flies way too quick in the mission field. (And yes, I’m aware I say that in every e-mail.) It will then be another rinse and repeat moment. I’m told by many missionaries that once you hit your 1 year mark everything just goes downhill speedily.
One final thing! I checked the ward directory on the church website and we’re back on getting sisters assigned in the ward again! I don’t know what happening over there but I hope you are supporting them in the missionary work. Keep giving them referrals. Members are the full-time finders, just as missionaries are the full-time teachers. That’s just how it works!
I love you all! I love the Lord. I love this Church. Please keep me up to date!
Elder Poblete
Philippines San Pablo Mission

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