Week 49: Old Things and New Things

Dear family and friends,

Sweat… is dripping down my face as I’m writing this e-mail. Few weeks ago I was telling you how glad I was that rainy season has officially begun. I’m wrong. The North Pole has just turned into Africa… again.
(Forgive my weekly talk about the weather. Weather is just something we missionaries always complain about but we cannot do anything about it!)
I am happy to inform you that I am now a part of the branch history. Next Sunday we will be moving in to the new meeting house. I really enjoy working in this tiny branch of 40 members. I feel like a missionary pioneer, if there’s such a thing. I remember the first missionaries I’ve met in my home ward when it was then a branch, and I recall the memories of them proselyting in the streets. Now, it’s me walking along hot and dusty streets. And now it’s me from whom investigators hide in their houses.
The branch went to the temple this Saturday, and I think it’s their first time after so many years. Two of them received their endowments and most of our investigators enjoyed the outskirts of the temple. Great things are happening here!
I’m still the same! I don’t complain as much as I used to now; I only complain about the weather. I’m doing different things to make my mission more interesting and unique. I’m that person who is really flaky and stops doing whatever seems mundane to him.
I’m turning one year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You all need to send me a great anniversary package next month! And I will send you a scrapbook too. But of course I would still need a camera for that.
As for the camera, thanks for sending them mom! But I hope you got me a good camera.
Elder Poblete
Philippines San Pablo Mission

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