Week 50: Elder Unknown

Dear family and friends,

Yesterday I received the saddest call I’ve ever received in my whole life. The assistants called me on Sunday afternoon to tell me that I’m being transferred. I’ll be going to Pila, Santa Cruz—an area which I know nothing about. I heard it’s mostly provincial and it’s a branch unit. It saddens me because I thought I will still stay in the area for 3 more months after alel the hard work I’ve done and the baptisms I want to do. Another reason why my heart was broken is that the assistants and I still do not know who my companion is; the transfer list has been sent throughout the mission and there’s a blank space next to my name. Hence, this e-mail is entitled “Elder Unknown”.
Mom, thanks for the camera! But I feel something weird about this camera. It looks fake. But anyway, I love you and thank you! Maybe I’m just trying to get used to using a digital camera again. I just sent another e-mail with the pictures attached. I hope you enjoy them. Tita Cleo, thanks for the peanut butter.
Among all the great people I met in Calamba are these fellas. Their names are Francis and Jay. They just moved into and have been in the branch for a month now. They go to this Philippine-Japanese college in our area, so they speak Japanese;we speak in Japanese!
Another great news is that the branch finally moved into the new meetinghouse. Historically speaking, I’m one of the first elders to ever step foot and worship in that newly built meetinghouse. When we arrived there I could see how they really happy were for their chapel.
In ending, I hope you enjoy seeing this happy and wonderful branch whom I served for 5 months. : )
Elder Poblete
Philippines San Pablo Mission

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