Week 54: Trunky Na!

Dear family and friends,

When I told you in my last weekly letter that I won’t do anything special in my hump day anniversary, I actually lied. On Wednesday after district meeting we had a little party at the chapel for my anniversary and Sister Walters’ (close friend of mine) birthday. The evidence:


Another great thing is that we have finally moved in to another apartment! The mission office can’t stop me pestering them anymore, so they decided that they would rather move me to a new apartment or else I will do another breakdown. (Just kidding.) We moved on Friday morning, and Sister and Elder Galbraith (my fave mission couple) cooked us sinigang. The pictures should be in my picture e-mail thread.

Anyway I know most of you are concerned that I’m already trunky na and I don’t want to work anymore. I think I’m still working the same. Now I’m just less serious about stuff and starting to enjoy more the people around me. I’ll be gone in a year and I won’t see this people anymore perhaps for the rest of my life. Now personally I’m focusing on getting these people to come unto Christ especially through baptism. So don’t worry!

Elder Poblete

Philippines San Pablo Mission


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