Week 55: Carabao Poop and Pee and My Pants

Dear family and friends,

Anyway let me talk first about the weather.The weather here has been crazy and indecisive, which is just cool because it doesn’t mean I would need to drench my shirt with sweat again. I threw away my cotton garments so I’m now wearing the mesh fabric. It makes life lighter.
Don’t worry about the title. No, I didn’t pee or poop in my pants. Let me tell you the story. So my companion really likes visiting this family who lives literally in the middle of a spacious rice field. I know how perilous it would be for a person like me to cross the rice field without any machination. So every time he would bring the matter up during our planning sessions I would try to shrug it off and suggest that we visit them at a later day, a day when we have nothing much to do. But this time he insisted. And so we went. Just to give you a picture of the ricefield:
​In his zealousness he went farther and farther and farther. I followed him. I walked along the gap in between the rice fields whose width is just about the size of my shoe and the soil was kind of mushy. Little by little I tried to make my way out of the fields, but then there’s a gap that I need to leap over in order to get to the other end. With all the courage I could ever muster, I leapt, and then… splat!
I didn’t talk with my companion for the whole day. Anyway so we did go to the house and did teach. But before that I asked the family if they have any clean water I could wash myself with. They said they do; it was brown water coming off the irrigation, so I thought it was clean. Then a member told me that perhaps it was water mixed with carabao poop and pee. We went back to the apartment to bathe myself. It’s been a week, but I can still smell it, mom….
I think it was a disgusting yet great thing for me to experience. It’s obviously another check mark in my mission must-happen list.
Anyway where is my hump day package? I need it by next month. And please don’t forget the cash.
Mom, since I’ve turned 1 year in the mission field, I’m already thinking about my plans when I go home next year. I’m thinking that it would be better if you come and pick me up here in the mission field, you and dad and Eric. I think it would be great if I could tour you around here in the mission and visit the wards and branches where I served. I want you to discuss it with papa so you both can make plans on how to prepare for the trip. You still have 1 year. I love you.
Elder Poblete
Philippines San Pablo Mission

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