Week 59: Do You Love Me?

Dearest family and friends,

My mother was totally devastated with the very, very short e-mail I sent last week. Forgive me! Things happened that I had no time to write a quality weekly letter. I’ll compensate this week!

As many of you may have known, my mom sent me money to get some new stuff for my 1-year anniversary. But rather than getting new shirts and pants, I opted to get new scriptures. They are pretty much expensive, but I figured that they’re so much better compared to my 20-year old scriptures which I received from my late grandparents. Here is a picture:

This cycle has been really busy because of recent zone conference. A zone conference is a missionary meeting in which all missionaries assigned from specific zones (a mission field equivalent to a “stake”) gather together for instructions and training. We went to San Pablo last week and it was great as usual.

I have a shocking news for everybody: I am considering BYU-Hawaii after my mission. It’s not like I’m totally sure for BYU-Hawaii, but it’s not impossible. That means I’m still not sure if I should leave med school and rather finish my studies in BYU. I’m still praying and fasting about it. I’ll tell you more about this next week.

Elder Poblete

Philippines San Pablo Mission


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