Week 61: #LDSconf!


Dear family and friends,

I hope all of you attended the general conference session! I was edified, inspired, both chastised and motivated by the messages I’ve heard. And most of all, I hope you attended all sessions of the conference. It’s not just a one-session kind of thing. There are four sessions in which we are all expected to attend. If you didn’t all of them, I’m inviting you to repent until the next general conference in 6 months.
This week has been really busy and quite unproductive because of all the meetings I need to attend and the hours it would take to attend General Conference in the weekend. And my companion will be going home next week and be gone by Monday morning. (Thank goodness.) He has started packing his bags and I will now only wait for him to be gone. I will yet have another new companion again and I hope by this time I get a foreign missionary. There’s too much cultural gap when I’m with a Filipino. I know that sounds so ironic but I think I’m better off and can express myself better in English to my companion. I still feel uncomfortable speaking in Tagalog but whenever I teach I feel the Spirit helping me teach in the local language.
I’m running out of time for e-mailing again. Have to cut off. Bye!

unnamed (1)

Elder Poblete
Philippines San Pablo Mission

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