Week 62: Zone Leader…?

Dear family and friends,

I know you’ve been thrilled by reading the title, but first let me proceed with my first business: the weather. I’m safe; the typhoon didn’t do much damage here in Laguna. From Friday until the weekend it was only very windy (sweater weather). The only bad thing is that my mission president and his wife are still stuck on the island of Mindoro until the boats are ready again for travel back to the mainland. Another thing is that some departing missionaries this week are also stuck on the island and may not be able to arrive in the mission home on time. Speaking of departing missionaries, my companion has left the area this Monday morning; so I am now with Elder Lapena (Urdaneta) and Elder Abio (Cagayan de Oro) until transfer day on Thursday.
So on Saturday morning I was down in my bed because of the colds. Then out of a sudden my mission president called me on the phone saying that he wants me to be a zone leader. I quickly said yes—quickly because I was out of words! I wasnot expecting to be a zone leader this cycle. Actually, during the zone interviews last month, my mission president informed me that he would make me a zone leader, but he didn’t specifically tell me when. I was hoping to receive the assignment sometime in December or even in January next year, just in time that me labour here in Pila would be sufficient and I be ready for another area. But I think that the Lord really has His own timetable with which we need to be patient and even accepting. I will be serving as a zone leader in San Pablo Zone beginning on Thursday.

unnamed (1)

This is Daryl and Darlene. Daryl is a member while Darlene is his girlfriend. Together they have a son named Dre. They will be married sometime in late November or early December. I’m supposed to baptize Darlene in December but I’m transferred, which is really sad.
Elder Poblete
Philippines San Pablo Mission
PS: So it’s almost Christmas! And with holidays and festivities, Mom, I need another package.

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