Week 63: A Higher Plane

Dear family and friends,

Thanks for your support; much appreciated. Transfer day went surprisingly smooth on Thursday. When it’s transfer day, it usually is too hot or too rainy; this cycle everything just went smooth. I was in SM City San Pablo (transfer checkpoint) and making sure every transferred missionary went through the checkpoint. Speaking of SM, I’m just very happy I’m near an SM now; which also means I’m a bit closer to the world. SM makes me happy.
My new companion is Elder Vilingia. He’s from Oakland, California, and has been on the mish for 21 months. He’ll be home by January and I actually think he’ll get transferred next cycle (another companion again!). He talks a lot to me and has expressed that the missionaries in the zone were excited that I’m the new zone leader. One fact about the mission field is that the longer you serve the more people know and talk about you.
San Pablo City hot! I feel like I’m working in Mandaue City back home. The streets are too busy and the cars are too noisy. It’s a disadvantage because it’s not really residential unlike Pila; in other words, the members’ houses are way too far apart from each other; simply put, too much money on travel. As for the ward, we’re helping the ward get some less actives back. The bishop is supportive and we hope we can continue to work on the progress of his ward.
Bishop Shaun told me the news that Mandaue stake will be having it’s General Session of the Stake Conference at Hoops Dome! That’s amazing. I would like to congratulate all the stake members for their hard work. I can’t wait to be back soon and share the blessings with you. I love you all!


Elder Poblete
Philippines San Pablo Mission

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