Week 66: Planets

Dear family and friends,

How is everyone doing? I’m barely surviving here. It’s been a long time. It’s been a long time since I heard from my friends and family and from the ward.
This week has been really tiring. One elder in my zone got sick with dengue since Friday, so we had him stay in our apartment for better monitoring until we sent him to the hospital on Sunday morning. I’ve traveled a lot to and fro destinations and coordinating with other missionaries regarding the health condition of this elder. Although because of this situation we haven’t had a solid proselyting week, it feels good to be able to help a fellow missionary recover from a disease with which I too suffered many years ago.
So apparently I’m used to a zone leader schedule now. Our schedule is actually different than that of regular missionaries. Whenever we plan straight for a busy day tomorrow, it ends up being rearranged because of circumstances that usually come up surprisingly. Our companionship has been working hard to get at least 30 lessons in one week, and we hope can get it this week!
Funny thing I should share to you: While I was taking care of this sick elder this morning, the hospital security guard walked in to orient us about hospital security regulations. Among other things he mentioned was that he was once an LDS but now he’s not because he and his wife separated. During the convo I realized that he has a different accent, so I asked where he’s from. He said he’s from Lapu-Lapu. I was like, “Oh yeah, me too! Which ward were you in?” He said, “I was from Lapu-Lapu Ward 1. My ex wife was a member, her name is Venus Jacob.” Then I told him how I knew that Jacob family and it was just so cool. Haha he even knows my family! It’s amazing how the world is just so small especially when you’re in the church!
Elder Poblete
Philippines San Pablo Mission

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