Week 68: Some News before Christmas

Dear family and friends,

I forgot to tell you that last week was transfer day. My good companion Elder Vilingia got his transfer call to Batangas. Transfer day was too long: my new companion and I were waiting for missionaries to check in our checkpoints from 8 AM til 7 PM. The missionaries coming from the island of Marinduque took the longest in traveling. Thank goodness the assistants were there to help them out get off the island.

My new companion is Elder Mesina. He’s from Tarlac and a Kapampangan. He is one of the spiritual giants of the mission, that is, someone whom the generality of missionaries fear because of his reputation as one who is strict with the rules and a monster in the work. I testify of that reputation because his natural pace in walking is just extremely exhausting for me; I would be catching up on my breath when we walk so I have to tell him to slow down a little bit. He’s just a monster!!!! This is why I advise you to be careful what you wish for. I wished for a hardworking companion; I got him! And I think he’s too serious about life. Time to soften him up.

Christmas zone conference is coming up. It will be my last Christmas here in the mission field. When January comes, I’m gonna have to start counting. Many of you are aware that I might be applying and then be accepted to BYU-Hawaii. That means I’m gonna have to take an early release. This early release should be considered by the Area Presidency, as I have carefully noted in my mission application form that I prefer to be sent forth before the month of June 2014. However, when my call arrived, they had me waiting for 2 months until August, which made me not on par with my post-mission plans for education.

I haven’t been able to send many pictures because I would always forget to bring with me my card reader. Most of the internet shops here don’t have any card readers for me to use. It’s so annoying.

I’m so trunky already. It should be 8 months or 6 months before I go home. I have already selected names for my kids: try Penrose, Renlund, Orson, Parley, etc.

The busy world sits out here in this lonely internet shop. But there’s no Starbucks here in San Pablo. I’m so upset.

I can’t trust shoes from Milanos anymore. Mine’s already cracked and it’s only been a month.

I am in dire need of proselyting shoes.

Mom this is what I need for Christmas package:

  • money for shoes
  • trail mix from SnR
  • my other football jersey
  • my favourite sky blue shirt
  • my VOSS water container

I love you all. Have a merry, merry Christmas!

Elder Poblete
Philippines San Pablo Mission

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