Week 70: My Last Christmas

Dear family and friends,

How is everyone doing?! Last week‘s e-mail was such a thriller. I wrote so many things but then they ended up getting erased. I’m now e-mailing in a better internet shop, so the system should automatically draft this e-mail.

So Bagyong Nona came but I’m still okay. Our mission only got hit by the edges of it, but it rained really really hard. For me it’s a good thing because it’s been a long time since cold weather and hard rain. The streets were always wet and the sky gray and clouds heavy. I finally got to wear my jacket! Our mission president expected some heavy damage but thank goodness we’re just fine. No work on Tuesday.

This Wednesday we will have another Christmas zone conference. I can’t believe this will be my last one. I can’t wait to finally eat lechon again and have some Christmas party fun with my fellow missionaries and mission family. Christmas time in the mission field could get actually sad, but when mission family and ward families invite you to share some few Christmas moments with them, it actually makes a lot of difference. It’s gonna be 4 days until Christmas day. I admit I get sad every night before I sleep because it’s another Christmas I’m gonna miss spending with my family and friends again. Our Christmas music catalog is limited; I think I could only get to listen to Josh Groban haha because he’s Jewish. I can’t watch Charlie Brown Christmas and Polar Express with my friends here because it’s not Church produced. It’s so hard to do the Christmas traditions you would normally do in a holiday season!

Anyway, I’ll be on Skype for Christmas morning around 11 AM. When I say Christmas morning I mean December 25th, not 24th. Here are some specific instructions I want you to follow:

  • I should be on Skype on December 25th, 11 AM.
  • I want all family to be there sitting in the sofa.
  • My Skype username is omgpaolo.
  • Mom and dad, set up the iPad so that I can Skype you without glitches.
  • Connect the Apple TV and the iPad to the same router. (If you still can’t remember the router’s password, I can’t remember it too. It’s been 16 months come on. Just reset the router.)
  • Wear presentable clothing. Don’t wear regular house clothes. Never appear shirtless in front of the camera.
  • Airplay the whole Skype video to the TV, and then place the iPad just in front of the TV so I can get a better and wider view of everyone.
  • I want my dogs, too.
  • Tats, please announce this on my Facebook! Post a status with my recent picture below.

Anyway so thats it! I hope I got everything written down in this e-mail. I’m just gonna miss another Christmas!!! That means I think Im gonna have to go to BYU-Hawaii in February 2017 so I won’t miss another Christmas with family again.

I miss you all!

I love you!

Have a merry Christmas!



Taken with a member’s iPhone with Instagram filter during Saturday’s ward Christmas party.


Elder Poblete
Philippines San Pablo Mission


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