Week 71: The Year is Dying in the Night

Dear family and friends,


It was so much fun Skyping with you during Christmas morning! It totally made my Christmas this year better. At the same time I feel sad because this would be my last Christmas in the mission field; these two Christmases will always be special Christmases in my life. They’re bittersweet; and it makes me look forward to another Christmas next year—this time with my family and friends. Thanks mom and dad for following the instructions for the streaming; and Adrian for taking a little time to chat with me. It’s not really allowed haha but it’s Christmas!

My letter this week is going to be short. I just want to leave a short message emphasizing the end of the year in a few days. It’s so mindblowing how fast this year has gone by. During this year I have had the pleasure to serve with people in 3 different areas, from Calamba to Pila to here in San Pablo.

By January I will officially have 6 or 7 months left until I finish my mission. Don’t worry! I’m not trunky. I’m just very, very excited and stoked to see all of you in such a short period of time.

I love you! Bye bye.

Elder Poblete
Philippines San Pablo Mission

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