Week 72: #PP2016 (Freaking Out)

Dear family and friends,



Happy New Year! (Enjoy my fake photography of the fireworks outside the apartment)
I literally can’t believe that it’s 2016 now. When I woke up to see the fireworks, I freaked out inside because that means I should have 6 months left! I then went back to bed to sleep, but still I couldn’t get off my mind the fact that I’ll be home very, very soon. My mind was wandering throughout the whole night, which left me dead tired for New Year’s morning work.
The celebrations this Holiday has been fun so far. On Christmas many members invited us to eat and the same thing for the New Years. Unfortunately we had to follow the curfew at 7:00 PM so we couldn’t attend to all of the set meal appointments in the ward.
But I’m not trunky. It’s just that I have found myself thinking about home so often now. I haven’t gone on a day I won’t find my thoughts wandering as though I’m already on the plane home. By the way mom, can you confirm if you’re really gonna pick me up or should I just meet you at the airport?
Another news is that apparently because of the change in the MTC schedule, my release date is extended from August 15, 2016 to August 27th. I’m not really sure about that! My mission president has sent out e-mails to my parents about this matter. But it scares and ticks me how they have to send me 2 weeks late when I only signed up for 2 years not 2 years and 2 weeks. Haha.
I just can’t stop freaking out now. 6 months to go. 4 missionary planners to use until I go home.
January 2nd weather. Raining and yet very, very humid.

Elder Poblete

Philippines San Pablo Mission

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