Week 73: Tenth Companion

Dear family and friends,

The transfer call came very surprisingly on Saturday. But this time I’m not transferred; my companion is. I was very surprised because I thought it would be me who would get transferred to another area. I’m just doing fairly well in the area but never did I think I would just let a companion stay for 6 weeks here in San Pablo and then have him move to Batangas. At the same time it’s a bummer because I thought my current companion would be staying and I’m transferred to somewhere driving into the sunset.

My new companion is Elder Barrizo, who is from Davao. We are good friends since the first time we met in Calamba. I’m very excited because this would be the first time I would have a Bisaya companion. Thrilled! We had so much fun and I was very happy to know that he’s going to be my new companion. I hope everything’s gonna turn out good between the two of us.

And I’m just going good. I’m not as stoked and super excited for my departure in a few months. I realized that the more I get stoked the slower time goes by. But the more I work hard and stay focused on the work a week in the mission just goes as fast as an hour. I’m so thankful that the Lord has given me this one time opportunity to represent Him and serve the people in His name.

But in order for me not to get too excited I hope you—family and friends—would care enough to send me letters of encouragement and good cheer. Please take time to even attach pictures in your e-mail. I’m not blind.
Elder Poblete
Philippines San Pablo Mission Office

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