Week 74: Bones and Joints

Dear family and friends,

The weather is crazy. First half of the week it was burning hot; second half even today, it’s crazy cold. Last night was freezing. I even told my companion to turn the fan off, but he insisted on turning it on on level 3 and thank goodness he only had it to himself. It’s been drizzling and light raining which makes the work good. At the same time, the cold weather somehow makes my bones and joints hurt.

Work went well this week. Elder Barrizo and I taught 20 lessons to different people; it was tough and tiring but it was very fulfilling. We also went on exchanges with the assistants and it was pretty cool. I’m glad I’m getting used to things now.

We just got back from District P-Day. We went to this floating restaurant in Calauan. I think most of you have seen this restaurant in TV. The district leader wanted to invited the district to go fishing, and I agreed and invited myself as well because it’s been a long time since I’ve gone fishing. However it was too expensive! Everything in the menu is too expensive that an apple costs 130 pesos. So we decided to try this thing instead:


A plate costs 30 pesos.

The place is pretty big; it even has a lake full of lilies. There are plenty of statues of buddhas and giant animals. Even though we didn’t get to eat their expensive food it was a fun experience to tour the area.

I hope all of you will have fun. Love you!
Elder Poblete
Philippines San Pablo Mission

PS: Too tired to upload pictures. Next week na lang!








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