Week 74: Sweet Spirits

Dear family and friends,

Transfer day went just smoothly. There was a scare that a sister missionary was announced missing, but that’s only because she went straight to her new area without the permission of the other zone leaders in the checkpoints. (This is a classic example of why we should listen to and follow the directions as they are given to us by the powers that be.) My new companion met with me just in time to help me accommodate transferring missionaries through the checkpoint at SM. We finished the transfers at 3 PM which is 4 hours early than usual. Yep!
Days have been fun with my new companion, Elder Barrizo. I think this cycle is rather interesting because I’ve never spoken much Cebuano with someone than in my entire mission life. And I think it’s a plus because it’s warming me up so I can speak Cebuano naturally when I’m home in 6 months. Everything is just natural between the two of us and I think that’s because we lived the same lifestyle before we began our mission, so we have the same likes and dislikes in food, manners and environment. This cycle should be fun and worthwhile.
President Russel M. Nelson will be visiting next month! During the Area Broadcast the stake president announced that there will be special training meetings for priesthood leaders and a special stake conference and that President Nelson will be the one to preside. We have heard information from the mission headquarters that he will be staying in the mission home, for I suppose none of the hotels here in San Pablo have passed the security requirements to protect an apostle of the Lord. The missionaries in my zone have been requested by the stake president that we perform a special number as a prelude so it’s going to be another task for me as their zone leader in this stake!
I’m thankful I’ve begun to pick up on the work again. No more trunkiness.

Elder Poblete
Philippines San Pablo Mission

PS: I have to stop writing because this internet shop is driving me nuts.

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