Week 77: Repeat Over Again the Same Things as Before

Dear family and friends,

So on Saturday it was my companion’s anniversary in the mission. He asked for a cake. But I was quite hesitant because I’ve never done anything extravagant to any of my companions before and I have trust issues. But I decided to do it anyway because he’s a great companion. So I bought him a cake from red ribbon with a personal message. Then we went to a member house to have “budol fight” for lunch (I really don’t like “budol fight”; I think it’s really barbaric).
MLC on Friday. Sister Emery is going home. She’s one of my BFFs here in the mission field because we’ve been together since our first area. She’s going back to Florida in a couple of weeks and it’s gonna be different without her. It’s true what people say that when your sister batchmates are home it means you’re old and about to go home as well. It’s sad!
Nothing much happening in here in San Pablo! This week has gone cold again. It’s been windy and drizzling at the same time, but enough sunlight to make the day bright.
Thanks for not e-mailing. But I love all of you. I really do. Thanks for your support.
Elder Poblete
Philippines San Pablo Mission

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