Week 80: Anti-Trunky Pills

Dear family and friends,
Time still has not soothed me from the separation sadness caused by recent friends departing last week. They are home now. They now watch television, enjoy music, and have simple fun under the sun. Meanwhile, I still knock on doors, get rejected, and complain about the extreme hot weather up here in Luzon. But I feel good about it. There’s nothing better about representing the Lord and His Church.
Elder Erickson slept over in my flat before transfer day! He had to sleepover because he needed to get early to the mission home the day after to pick up his trainee. Many of you may not remember, but Elder Erickson is in my batch. We’ll be leaving together the mission in 4 months. It was fun catching up with him and talking about how great our missions have been since the last time we kept up at the mission home.


Mom requested that I send coloured pictures for my e-mails. Request granted.
It’s been pretty windy lately. We have been proselyting in areas to which we’ve never been before. People actually tell us not to stay too close to the coconut trees because coconuts can actually kill you.

It smells like summer.
Elder Poblete
Philippines San Pablo Mission
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