Week 81: Demolish and Abandon

Dear family and friends,

First words: the weather is scorching hot. For some reasons the dark and gloomy weather was replaced with burning and stinging heat of the mad day. I was not prepared. People were telling me that the summer would officially begin in April. That was obviously not true. So what my companion and I would do when it gets way too hot in the area is to go 7/11 and have a refreshing break. Don’t you love that?!
So it will be zone conference season again this Thursday! That means I’ll get to see the remaining friends I have in the mission and I get to have lunch together with them. But this zone conference is going to be different: we’ll be giving the workshops to our zones together with the sister training leaders. That’s weird for me because I haven’t really done that. It’s going to be a challenge but I hope everything is going to be fine.
And meanwhile in my personal study.
I just wanna tell all of you that I haven’t been really thinking about home now. I’m trying to get my focus back to the work because I know it’s more important! I’ve realized that people need the gospel in their lives now more than ever. And I don’t want to waste my remaining 4 months by slacking around and doing nothing. It’s a once in a lifetime privilege to officially represent my Savior and His Church and that means if I’m privileged then I’m gonna have to it His way, not my way.
With Sister Bennett and Elder English after district meeting.
I love you all. I’ll see you soon!

Elder Poblete
Philippines San Pablo Mission

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