Week 82: Spiritual Cures

Dear family and friends,


Zone conference season! This would be my 2nd to the last zone conference. It was another great time to catch up with best friends and my fellow servants. The conference mostly focused on the Atonement and the Church’s new intiative #Hallelujah. I love conference season; it’s the perfect time to be lifted up again.

And then on Thursday I was on exchange with the new assistant, Elder Tuiloma. A missionary exchanges is conducted by missionary leaders with other missionaries to assist them in their training and accomplishing their purpose. It was fun being with this great assistant despite the scorching heat.
Not sure if it’s summer or fall.
Beautiful sunset to end the day. I love the view of sunsets. I am literally paralyzed from 12 AM to 4 PM when the sun seems to kill everybody with the intense heat. But my energy goes up when it’s dusk time.
This morning Elder Barrizo and I joined the National Breakfast Day at McDonalds! I hope many of you went there. We started joining the queue at 6:00 AM. We didn’t have any trouble looking for seats because most of the people in the line will only walk out after getting their McMuffin.
While seated inside. People are still flocking.
The free McMuffin and Big Breakfast. I think breakfasts at McDos are the best. I should continue doing this when I get home.
My companion.
Afterwhich we went to the stake center for district p-day. Nothing much except fun and games with the missionaries in the district. Good time to catch up and get to know each other better. My companion and I before the Sampaloc Lake. The Mabini Stake Center actually faces the lake.
The district. I think it’s the biggest district in the mission. In this district we have the assistants, office elders, us and the rest of the missionaries.
In conclusion, may I take this opportunity to greet my younger brother Eric a happy, happy birthday! I love you. I want to see you achieve and meet your potentials and acquire the blessings our Heavenly Father wants you to receive. I can’t wait to see you soon. I love you!

Elder Poblete
Philippines San Pablo Mission

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