Week 83: Shades of Summer

Dear family and friends,


So I think we can call it officially summer! Days are hotter than ever. By the first day of April my companion and I will be buying umbrellas to protect us. It’s funny how I got sunburns on my back again due to constant walking under and exposure to the burning heat everyday. The leaves on the trees are turning into different shades of brown, yellow and red, and then falling onto and lacing the melting asphalt with beautiful colors.
On Thursday several departing missionaries and I traveled to Los Banos, Laguna to take the Michigan English test. It’s the test needed to gain entrance to BYU-Hawaii. I think there were only 20 missionaries out of 185 who took the test so the spots were pretty much limited to those who have plans to go to Hawaii for college. If you’re asking me if I’m really going, I’m still not so sure! It was 100 item test basically composed of questions regarding grammar, vocabulary, and essay; and they’re all multiple choice items. I didn’t have a hard time finishing it so I hope I’m just gonna do well with the results.
Following context is not related to the above picture.
We started the exam at around 2:30 PM and ended some time at 4:00 PM. My travel companions were missionaries coming from Santa Cruz and they wanted to travel there directly to reduce the time needed for travel and the chance to sleep over somewhere around San Pablo. So we decidedly went up to Santa Cruz to get them there and it turned out unfavourable to me and my companion—we were stuck in traffic at the bayan and thus could not return back to San Pablo on time. We called the assistants if we could sleepover somewhere else in Santa Cruz and they told us we could sleepover in Pila. Yes, in Pila! In my previous area. We arrived at the apartment complex, where 3 great member families also reside, and they were utterly surprised when I turned up!
More animal pictures. We found this kitten sleeping on my companion’s bag while we were eating at a member family’s house.
I hope everyone will get to enjoy their summer! Love you!
Elder Poblete
Philippines San Pablo Mission

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