Week 86: Tomorrow the Lord Will do Wonders Among You

Dear family and friends,

General Conference weekend has ended now! I hope everyone of you enjoyed it and resolved to apply and live the messages you’ve heard. This conference is memorable for me as it was the last general conference I had attended as a missionary. I had some personal questions answered as well.

Nothing much has happened this week except that I decided to dye my hair brown on Friday for a chance. But the dye won’t just stick on my hair for some reasons. My companion tried dyeing my hair again this morning but it still wouldn’t still. I’m quite upset about that. I also got a different haircut now and getting brown shoes and brown belt. It’s a change for the few remaining months I have left in the mission field! Excited!

Last week was supposed to be transfer week but because of the changes in the MTC schedule our mission transfers was extended for 2 weeks. We are now in the first week of the transfer extension so we’ll obviously get the call on Saturday. I feel the transfer call coming deep into my bones. For some strange reasons I think I need to leave the area but I still want to stay in the companionship and in the zone. Only the Lord knows what’s His plan for this upcoming transfer, and I’m really thrilled for it.

Last of all, I’d like to give a shoutout to my parents with whom I haven’t had communication for several weeks already. What’s happening down there? Y’all need to stop tripping and start sending me long e-mails. Please don’t snub me!

Elder Poblete

Philippines San Pablo Mission

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