Week 88: “All the Grown Folk Things Separation Brings”

Dear family and friends,

Transfer day was bittersweet. After the glorious spiritual manifestations I’ve received both in the celestial room of the holy temple and the healing quarters of the MRC, I went back to my area in San Pablo having to bid farewell to my cherished companion. I miss Elder Barrizo…. Being separated with him really broke my heart; it was as though I had Alzheimer’s the whole time and when I came to my senses it was already too late to mend things between us. After our final hug together I tried my best not to cry on the bus. I arrived in my new area with my heart aching and full of bitterness that I didn’t get to spend much time with him after my stay in the MRC. It really made me sad….
I just want to wrap up what happened during the rest of my stay there in Manila. Apparently I broke the indexing record made by an elder. In his 2 week stay in the MRC, he indexed 500 names; during my 5 day stay there, I indexed 600 names. That was so funny that they drew a picture of me on the whiteboard with a crown that says “INDEX KING”.
The last few days there were very relaxing. We made aprons.
Sister Moyes was really clever.
My apron. Trying to be cute.
My MRC companion’s apron.
Then some pictures outside the kitchen!


So much fun haha.
Tuesday morning we went to Mabuhay which is like a home for all the kids with eye, lips, and feet differences. It’s not owned by the Church but it’s run by members of the Church. They have branches in Davao and Cebu as well, so if you know anybody who has those kind of problems, bring them there, and it’s totally free.

My last Tuesday there I went through the temple again for the second time together with Elder Jazmines and Sister Parojinog and with the rest of the MRC fam. I met my mission’s April departing batch but our session was 2 hours after theirs. I spent much time again in the celestial room to receive revelations and encouragement from my Heavenly Father.


I am now in San Jose, Batangas with my new companion, Elder McLaughlin. He’s from New Zealand and he’s British, so that’s something different! At first it was quite hard to understand him because he’s very nasal haha. I’m still district leader and I don’t even like it anymore because I’ve been a missionary leader for more than a year now. Whatever. Below is a picture of us planning during a blackout.

The last thing I’m gonna say is that: it is super hot. While we’re at work I feel like I can always cry because the heat just gets through my shoes. I don’t have an umbrella yet but I don’t want to use one because it’s too heavy. #thirdworldprobs
Elder Poblete
Philippines San Pablo Mission

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