Week 89: 21

Dear family and friends,
Today I turn 21. I woke up this morning with my heart feeling heavy because I’m not really sure what just happened in such a short time. I am now 21 years old. I’m past 20 years of existence now, and everything is just so confusing. My new zone leaders intended that we hold our zone p-day on this day to celebrate my birthday. We just went to the zoo here in Lipa and had some wholesome fun.
Another thing that I would like to mention is that Skype season has come again for Mother’s Day. I will be available on Skype on May 9, 2016, Saturday, at 1:00 PM. Mom and dad, please make arrangements as soon as possible. There will be no other day on which I can Skype after that.
Lastly, I wish to conclude with some information I didn’t get to expound last week. I am now transferred here in San Jose, Batangas. I am follow-up training my new companion, Elder McLaughlin. He’s of Scottish descent but has been residing in New Zealand. He has a heavy accent which makes it quite hard for me to understand him but I do think that’s really cool. I have also sent in my request for an early release in July to my mission president. Because I requested to go home more than 30 days early, my request has to go through the Area Presidency. I’m hoping it will be granted in the next 2 weeks. On a quite similar note, the mission has sent out the departing and incoming list of missionaries, and my name is just right there on that list. I am so thrilled.
Thank you for loving me and supporting me. Each one of you is worth fighting for. I love you. And please love one another.


This ostrich almost ate my hair.
My companion on the right, and Elder Erickson (batch) and Sister Harding (batch) on the left side. My favourite people.
That’s inside a tunnel. I almost lost consciousness.

Elder Poblete

Philippines San Pablo Mission
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