Week 90: NOT TRUNKY!

Dear family and friends,

It was great Skyping with my mom on Saturday. We were supposed to Skype between Saturday and Monday but my companion and I decided to Skype on Saturday so we won’t be stuck in the vehicle and foot traffic in the city on Elections Day. The whole Philippines is just in commotion for the elections today but I wish not to be involved haha. Right now I’m e-mailing from the bayan because I don’t feel like going up to Lipa City; I just don’t want to risk it. We actually have a curfew at 5 PM today so we’re adjusting our schedule to have at least 3 hours of work today. Anyway the weather’s actually doing good for me as it’s starting to get windy and the heat is trying to tone down. It should start raining at the beginning of June; or rather it better start raining in June.
We only had minimal work this week because on Wednesday night we had to travel to Santo Thomas to sleepover for the district leader’s training meeting on Thursday morning in San Pablo. I actually told my mission president that I felt hesitant about going up to San Pablo again because first of all it’s so far and second I felt like I no longer needed any further training for this leadership assignment because I’ve had this assignment before haha. My president said it’s okay if I turn down the invitation but then I changed my mind last minute and decided to go up, but now mainly for the food and seeing my close friends haha. Honestly I’m grateful I went up to the meeting because I’ve learned some new things anyway.
Anyway I just want to announce that my request has been approved by the Area Presidency. I will be going home onJuly 14, 2016. That’s officially 66 days away to my last day in the mission field. My mission president sent in the request on Wednesday morning and received the approval on Thursday morning. The office couples are now preparing my plane ticket.I was literally crying I just can’t believe I’ll be home soon. I’ve been working on my homecoming talk soon so Bishop Shaun please sched me to give a talk in sacrament meeting on July 17, Sunday.
Elder Poblete
Philippines San Pablo Mission
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