Week 95: “Closing Curtains”

Dear family and friends,

Hey everyone, it’s Elder Poblete here. I was supposed to write a cheerful and lengthy e-mail for everybody today, but I received the news that my dogs died due to disease. I was hard for me to leave my dogs and had been excited to meeting them again at my homecoming. But that’s not going to happen anymore. I am still quite taken aback by this recent news and hoping that I will quickly recover from this devastating loss. Right now everything hasn’t sunk in yet and I hope it won’t crash that hard for me. I love my dogs and now pray they are in a better place.
This week has been pretty basic week. We still find lots of investigators, most of whom can only make it through the first lesson and fall through thereafter; meanwhile there are still those who progress and we always pray for them. The miracle for the week was this returning inactive member bearing his testimony on the pulpit this Sunday. He had been inactive for a lot of years now and my companion and I decided to meet with him in his house on my first day here in this area. My companion told me how he had been really tough to deal with. We taught him once again and I said something that struck him to the core. As inspired by an Elder Bednar conference talk, I said in effect, “Because you chose to be offended, you can no longer partake of the sacrament, attend the temple and receive its blessings, exercise the priesthood authority you were given, cut off yourself from service opportunities to your friends and fellow members, and deny these blessings to the generations and generations which will come after you.” He stopped for a while and I could tel he was confounded and now absorbing what I said. The day after he came to church, and has been consistently coming ever since.
There are many miracles that happen in the mission field, and I am blessed to be seated in front of this grand panorama of the restored gospel. Truly miracles are poured out without measure upon the faithful and to those who patiently wait.
I love you all and I can’t wait to be home soon. Imagining how meeting with all of you at the airport thrills me to the bones. I love you. I really do.
Elder Poblete
Philippines San Pablo Mission

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