Week 96: Pulling the Cart amid the Sunset Ligh

Dear family and friends,

Hey guys! We just got home from zone p-day at the Lipa stake center and I am very tired. (But the above painting of weary pioneers pulling their carts has nothing to do with my physical weariness.) Somehow zone p-days even make you more tired to make it through yet another week in the mission field. But indeed it was fun to finally catch up and have fun with my fellow missionaries after such a hectic and busy week.
Nothing special happened this week. I still look for miracles as they happen in my life everyday. There’s actually a vast collection of them that I could not even keep them to myself, so please keep writing and e-mailing me. One thing I noticed is that (and this is particularly true to most missionaries) the longer a missionary stays in the field and lesser they get e-mails and letters from family and friends. This situation has evoked me to decide that when I come home I’m going to set aside a particular time to e-mail missionaries to cheer them on and support them in their experiences.
I have involved myself to deep gospel study and mighty morning and evening prayers to keep myself focused during the last 4 weeks of my mission. Excitement have grown enormously as the day of my departure continue to draw nearer. At the same time, distractions are becoming more apparent as I work through the day. Please don’t laugh at me, but I notice that as I read the scriptures and Church manuals, I am now more concerned of the names that might appear for me to name my children in the future years. If you are asking, some of the names are Penrose, Anthon, Cowley, Redd, Parley, Orson, and many more.
Now let me divorce myself from that daydream for a moment and give a short concluding message relative to the painting above. You recall that some weeks ago I mentioned in one of my weekly letters the phrase “my walk down Parley Street”. I have immersed myself in profound pondering about the lessons I can learn from the stories of these noble pioneers. Perhaps the most outstanding principles one can learn are faith and faithful endurance. I remember one of the things I said to myself prior to leaving for my mission is that I need not to start my mission, but to finish it honorably. These few remaining weeks of my mission have been really bittersweet and faith testing; in fact I never knew it would be like this. I likewise invite each of you to apply these profound lessons from the life of these valiant pioneers.
Elder Poblete
Philippines San Pablo Mission
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PS: On June 22nd I will have the chance to meet once again with Elder Gaco who is from my ward and now serving in the mission as I am. It will at a mission tour conference with Elder Haynie of the Quorum of the Seventy and I am very excited to keep up with this fresh elder. I will send pics!

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