Week 98: Red Carpet

Dear family and friends,


Well Mission Tour season has adjourned! On Wednesday morning Elder Haynie presided over the mission tour and this is gonna be my last. I had waited for a lifetime for this finale mission tour. I was so excited that I made sure I was gonna look best with a new long sleeve white shirt and of course a new tie.

Mission Tour or any other missionary conference is like the Hollywood Red Carpet. More than half of or the whole mission usually meets up for the conference, so some people whom you haven’t met in such a long time are also excited to see you. Aside from being spiritually prepared for the meeting, you also have to look your best, most especially when a General Authority presides.

So guess who I also met for the mission tour? The fresh from the MTC Elder Gaco. I was actually too busy visiting with other missionaries that I didn’t see him amid the crowd. It was actually him who grabbed me and tell me that he exists. And I was so happy to meet him again after 2 years! His trainer Elder Retig is a good friend of mine and I made sure that Elder Gaco gets the best missionary training experience. He is now serving in Canlubang in Calamba City, just right near to my previous area in Calamba in which I served. This was his first mission tour so I get that he didn’t really realize how big this occasion should be for him but I think he’s gonna get more big mission occasions in the mission. He wants me to tell all of you how much he misses you and I say please keep e-mailing him and sending him your support.
I mentioned in my last email that it is a tradition to have departing missionaries bear their fervent testimony before the mission at the meeting. President Mangum actually had us do it right after the opening prayer was given. I was in the middle of list to do it, and when it was my turn I was legit shaking. Despite the fact that I already mentally rehearsed my testimony the night before, when it was my turn to walk to the pulpit I felt I was just undone. Fortunately I didn’t get my words mixed up. I bear a simple testimony of the Book of Mormon, of the Prophet Joseph Smith, of President Monson, of Heavenly Father and most especially of Jesus Christ. I did great in testifying the first four parts, but when I began to testify of the Savior, I confess I was overcome. It was then that I realized that the words I rehearsed before were not the exact words that came out of my mouth; in other words I was thus being led by the Spirit what to say most particularly when I was about to testify of the Saviour’s grace. This was a faith building experience not only for the congregation, but also for me.

Lunch time!

Elder Anderson. He expressed how sad he was when he learned that I won’t be going home with him.

Elder Hodges.

Flu shots right after the conference. We get these flu shots annually.

Elder Alos! My MRC companion. So happy he’s now a zone leader.

Sister Loia and her trainee Sister Beatson.

Saying farewell to missionaries I’m never gonna see in a long time. It was really sad.

Mission conference was a good one. I love it. I loved it. I loved meeting all those amazing missionaries. Their faith and energy is contagious. I so much enjoy working and visiting with them.
Elder Poblete
Philippines San Pablo Mission
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