Week 93: Flight PR 1849

Dear family and friends,

So we’re sorry for e-mailing late. We just had our district p-day today and it was so far so we arrived late in the apartment. We went to a park that gives a great view of the Taal Lake. I’ve been to the same park before in my mission last year when I was assigned here in Lipa Zone; the place is the same, but the place is different. So I’m trying to fast as type as I can and finish off this letter with quality imbued therein.

It has been raining a lot lately; and when it rains here, it pours heavily. It’s a relief after all the scorching heat throughout the whole summer. The only con is that I have to wear my missionary jacket every time we go out. The weather is also unpredictable. Sometimes I wake up with the weather really really cold but in the course of the day it gets hot. I had such experiences when I decided to wear my cotton garments for the day and it turned out to be so frigging hot. Haha. Never again.

Nothing much has been happening in the field. We still kept on finding. One thing I noticed is that I’m so used to rejection now; slammed doors and yells from people don’t even matter to me anymore. I just couldn’t care less about rejection and disappointment. However I feel concerned for my companion who’s only been in the field for 4 months and thus still not used to rejection and disappointment. As a missionary you can never please all people nor all members nor all bishops. You just need to be patient and get it over with.

By the way I just received my plane ticket from the mission office. I will be arriving at Mactan International Airport onJuly 13, 2016, Wednesday at 10:15 AM. I actually asked if I could have a night travel so I could just get to sleep when I get back to Cebu; but I think that’s a good thing as well so we could have a light lunch at home with friends and families. By the way I just need a light lunch upon arrival; that should mean just really light, mostly burger and chips and salad; please no rice because I haven’t been eating rice lately; and you need to be praying for me that I won’t get sick eating Mang Inasal with the zone every week. I don’t need trumpets and fanfares and if you want to bring a tarpaulin please just make it simple and never put my face on it because I’m still alive. I’ll add more instructions in my weekly letter next week.

Anyway to make this weekly letter fun I’m supposed to add pictures of fancy foods I’ve eaten this week, but I forgot my card reader and the guy in this internet shop is really rude to me.

Elder Poblete
Philippines San Pablo Mission
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